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Made with pineapples from our own backyard, Mint For Greatness is our most popular blend. Into our special brew of organic, biodynamic teas we combine cold-pressed pineapple juice and an infusions of fresh mint leaves and green chili. The result is a crisp, medium-dry sparkler with refreshing zing. The perfect drink for summer!


Stay chill, clean, and energized: Mint is a natural coolant that aids digestion and has the ability to pacify all three doshas. Green chili purifies. Pineapple gives strength. Keep on chugging, and don't sweat it!

Mint for Greatness

  • All of our kombuchas are made with pure mountain spring water from Kerala, biodynamic green & black tea, wild cultures, sugar°, and Coorg honey


    *Demeter certified, °USDA Organic


    VOLUME: 330 ML

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