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Travel through the spice mountains of Kerala with this high-range blend of organic cardamom, orange, and cold-pressed carrot juice. A dry sparkler redolent with citrus bitters, Cardamom Hills tastes great on its own or makes an excellent highball with rum, whiskey, or gin. Pairs well with meat or mushroom dishes.


Recommended for symmetry, metabolism, and purity: Cardamom is a warming spice that balances all three doshas. Orange improves digestion and taste perception. Carrot is an antioxidant that detoxifyies and energizes. Cleanse your palette, and your soul!


Cardamom Hills

  • All of our kombuchas are made with pure mountain spring water from Kerala, biodynamic green & black tea, wild cultures, sugar°, and Coorg honey


    *Demeter certified, °USDA Organic


    VOLUME: 330 ML

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