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Come sit under the Bodhi Tree and join us on the Noble Eightfold Path to deliciousness. The journey begins with wild, foraged figs from Wayanad. Into their delightful, juicy ambrosia we mix our organic and biodynamic teas, Coorg honey and fresh Kerala vanilla beans. The resulting cream soda mouthfeel and flavour notes of amaretto and plum will deliver your tastebuds to culinary transcendence. This wine alt pairs well with a wide range of foods, especially turmeric-based vegetarian dishes. Rich in ojas and beneficial sugars, figs promote vitality and rejuvenation.

Buddha's Bliss (Seasonal)

  • All of our kombuchas are made with pure mountain spring water from Kerala, biodynamic green & black tea, wild cultures, sugar°, and Coorg honey


    *Demeter certified, °USDA Organic


    VOLUME: 330 ML

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